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About Us - GlobalMET Maritime Training

About Us

GlobalMET is an association registered in Australia, with consultative status at the IMO, carrying out activities and research in the field of maritime training and education.

The establishment of GlobalMET arose from the participants' desire to support the aims and objectives of IMO for 'safer ships and cleaner oceans' and recognition of:

  • the vital importance of maritime education and training in fulfilling the needs of expanding trade and economic growth;
  • the urgent need for collective efforts in maritime education and training to promote greater safety at sea and protection of the marine environment.

GlobalMET's objectives are to:

  • provide a forum for the exchange of views among members;
  • foster, develop and maintain close cooperation between and among members on matters relating to maritime education and training, including maritime research and development and other matters of mutual and/or collective interest;
  • extend assistance consistent with its policies and capabilities to any member upon the latter's request;
  • formulate a common stand on issues of interest related to maritime education, training, research and development;
  • improve, or assist in improving, the services provided by members through the efficient and economic utilisation of resources;
  • represent the general membership in its collective dealings with regional and international organisations;
  • acquire, collate, process and disseminate relevant data and material of common interest to all members.
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From our history files : Capt. Rod Short and Capt. Deboo discussing training standards at one of our earliest conferences
GlobalMET AGM, Hong Kong - 2010: Representatives of GlobalMETat the Annual General body Meeting in Hong Kong, including Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Richard Teo, Rod Short and Sriram Rajagopal. GlobalMET has over 100 members from maritime institutions across the world.
Our board of directors and representatives at the Annual General Meeting in 2016 (Hong Kong)