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Maritime Workshop, Seminars and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences

GlobalMET organizes regular conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings on current topics of interest to maritime trainers across the world. Eminent people from the maritime industry are featured as speakers. These conferences are an excellent opportunity to gain insights as well as for networking as they are usually attended by hundreds of people. Typically, each conference has a theme relevant to the concerns of current times.
These seminars and conferences are open to members as well as non-members for attending.
Click here to read our 2017 conference report.
We usually conduct at least one conference each year, at various locations. Our past conferences have been held in Mumbai (India) (at the Maritime Training Institute, Powai) and at various maritime training institutes including Tolani Maritime Institute (Induri, India) and Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Center (Mumbai, India). They have been sponsored by various entities including the Maritime Training Trust, MASSA and the Nautical Institute. Often, these conferences include a field visit to a place of educational interest or a maritime campus.

GlobalMET 2014 conference: Competence requirements of the future mariner (MTI Powai, Mumbai, India)
GlobalMET conferences are open for both members and non members to attend.

We also conduct workshops that revolve around better teaching techniques. Do let us know if you would like to collaborate with us in our conferences or workshops.
Additionally, we have been conducting seminars and conferences in the Philippines since 2014 and in other countries on various general topics such as the OBE (Outcome Based Education) approach for maritime education and on specific topics such as knowledge on collision regulations. In 2014 and again in September 2015, GlobalMET conducted workshops in the Philippines in collaboration with the TK foundation, for the continuing professional development of maritime educators and trainers in CBL/CBETA (as required by MARINA, CHED and STCW 78, as amended in 1995). Click here to read more on workshops similar to these (add link to “Other Activities” page).

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