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Over 40 years of leadership in transport and logistics management. Leadership and management roles include shipping and liner operations, shipbuilding, offshore supply base and oil and gas OnG , logistics management, supply chain and multi modal freight operations. About 23 years of these devoted to leadership in education and training, mentoring and facilitating mariners and shore personnel in their professional logisticians learning to their penultimate Tertiary qualifications, licenses and CoCs. Provide expert witness and maritime consultancy to courts and officers of the law. Preside in Arbitration and mediation for most industrial disputes. Provide and facilitate organisational learning development, leadership, research and work based learning to enable change management. Consultation and training for development of HACCP, QMS and QA systems, implementation, maintenance and operations. Conduct process management consultancy and organisational development leadership. Engage in action learning action research, participative inquiry methods, work with organisations, marine and non marine leading change from entrepreneurial to corporate entities. Specialties Lead Organisational change as catalyst through participatory inquiry process action learning and action research practice. Public speaking, presentations and discourse on topics of interest in tertiary education, training and organisational development .
Name: Capt Richard Teo
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