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Our Work at IMO

  • Our Work at IMO

Our Work at IMO

GlobalMET has been active at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ever since we became an “NGO with consultative status” at the IMO in 2008. Since then, GlobalMET has participated in every HTW1 meeting (the IMO subcommittee on Human element, Training and Watch keeping, formerly known as STW up to 2013).

Model courses that we have involved in writing

GlobalMET has been an active contributor to the following IMO model courses:

  • IMO Model Course 7.01 – Master and Chief Mate
  • IMO Model Course 7.02 – Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer
  • IMO Model Course 7.03 – Officer in charge of a Navigational Watch
  • IMO Model Course 7.04 – Officer in charge of an Engineering Watch
  • Revised draft model course 3.12 – Assessment, examination and certification of seafarers
  • Revised draft model course 1.30 – On-board Assessment
  • Revised draft model course 6.09 – Training course for instructors
  • Revised model course 2.07 – Engine room simulators

Presentations made by GlobalMET at IMO

We are currently involved in a number of projects with the IMO. Naturally, none of this would have been possible if not for the efforts of our members who include a number of trainers and training institutions. Our members have a pulse on maritime academics as well as on the ground realities of the merchant marine profession, thanks to their daily interactions with seafarers in their classrooms and on ships.

In 2011, GlobalMET made a presentation at the IMO on the GlobalMET Cadet Record Book (CRB). The GlobalMET CRB which forms a part of the GlobalMET Structured Shipboard Training program (SSTP) enables new Deck cadets and Trainee engineers to undergo a structured training program on board ships. It is approved by a number of flag states and is used by many shipping companies as well as maritime training academies. It can be used in its original book version as well as a digitized version. The digitized version of the CRB is being used by the Maritime Academy of Asia Pacific (MAAP), one of the premier training academies of the Philippines.

HTW commities that we are part of

In February 2017, the IMO HTW Subcommittee expressed its appreciation for GlobalMET’s work in the drafting committee for the revision of IMO model courses 1.30, 2.07, 3.12, 6.092. We were able to carry out this extensive work, thanks to the co-operation of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the other members of the Review Group.

  • GlobalMET is also the coordinator for the IMO HTW Review Group for a new model course on “Use of Leadership and managerial Skill”
  • We are part of the IMO HTW Review Group for the revision of IMO model course 1.28 on “Crowd management passenger safety training for personnel providing direct services to passengers in passenger spaces”. This is expected to be developed as two separate new model courses in line with the deliberations and opinions expressed by IMO members
  • We were nominated as the Review Group Coordinator for the revision of IMO model course 1.29 “Proficiency in crisis management and human behavior training including passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity training” (reflecting the passenger ship related STCW amendments adopted at MSC 97 – MSC 97/22/Add.1, annexes 8 and 9).
  • We are the Review Group Coordinator for the revision of model course 1.19 on Proficiency in personal survival techniques developed by China.

On 31 January 2017, GlobalMET made a presentation for the attendees at IMO HTW 4 on “Competency Management Systems”. The presentation was made in co-operation with Anglo Eastern Ship Management (Hong Kong) and Core Competency Limited (India) at the main hall of the IMO, and was well received.

IMO HTW / STW subcommittee meetings that we have participated in

IMO HTW / STW subcommittee meetings that we have participated in:

HTW 4th session February 2017
HTW 3rd session February 2016
HTW 2nd session February 2015
HTW 1st session February 2014
STW 44th session May 2013
STW 43rd session June 2012
STW 42nd session January 2011
STW 41st session January 2010
STW 40th session February 2009

1HTW: The IMO Subcommittee on Human element, Training and Watch keeping was earlier known as STW up to 2013.
2HTW 4/16. Report to the Maritime Safety Committee, 4th session, agenda item 16. 24 February 2017. International Maritime Organization: London.

GlobalMET representatives making a presentation at the IMO, London in February 2017 (L to R: Capt. Sanjay Bugnait, Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Capt. Vinayak Mohla, Tim Wilson).
GlobalMET made a presentation on Competency management systems at IMO, London at HTW4.
GlobalMET is active at IMO and contributes regularly to discussions and work related to training.
Capt. Rod Short (then the Executive Secretary) interacting with delegates at the IMO