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GlobalMET Charter: Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions

GlobalMET Charter

GlobalMET Charter*

We, the representatives of the Member Institutions of the Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia Pacific, participating in the 2010 Annual General Meeting of GlobalMET Limited in Manila, Philippines, in November 2010:

Recognising that GlobalMET was formed to promote, develop and support, in the spirit of co-operation, the common interests of its members in all matters concerning the development and quality of maritime education and training institutions, with the declared objectives:

  • to provide a forum for the exchange of views among members;
  • to foster, develop and maintain close cooperation between and among members on matters relating to maritime education and training including maritime research and development and other matters of mutual and/or collective interest;
  • to extend assistance consistent with its policies and capabilities to any member upon the latter’s request;
  • to formulate a common stand on issues of interest to GlobalMET related to maritime education, training, research and development;
  • to improve or assist in improving the services provided by members through the efficient and economic utilisation of resources;
  • to represent the general membership in its collective dealings with regional and international organisations;
  • to acquire, collate, process and disseminate relevant data and material of common interest to all members.

Agree that, during the period 2010 to 2015, in working to achieve its objectives GlobalMET is to collaborate with the International Maritime Organization, International Labour Organization, International Shipping Federation, Asian Shipowners’ Forum, International Transport Workers’ Federation and other appropriate international, regional and national organisations with the further development of quality maritime education and training by:

  • entering into agreements for mutually beneficial collaborative activities;
  • liaising with parties interested in the provision of quality maritime education and training;
  • serving as a communications network, source of information and channel for advice for members, as well as for non-members;
  • representing member institutions as appropriate;
  • promoting effective maritime education and training as fundamental to safety, efficiency and security in maritime transport and to the protection of the marine environment;
  • building understanding of the potential and needs of member institutions, especially of those in developing countries;
  • designing and implementing mutually beneficial activities such as:
  • analysing the needs of member institutions, developing a data base, promulgating outcomes, organising and conducting activities to meet those needs;
  • organising workshops, seminars, conferences and other meetings;
  • arranging and assisting fellowships, staff and student exchanges;
  • facilitating cross recognition of courses and credit transfers;
  • designing and validating courses and developing course materials;
  • identifying and securing human, financial and technological resources;
  • initiating research, development and delivery of maritime education and training to meet the requirements of the maritime industry and other stakeholders and encouraging the use of state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies.
  • building membership to encompass all significant providers of maritime education and training in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond;
  • building associate and other categories of membership to encompass all stakeholders in the development of maritime education and training in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond;
  • accumulating financial resources from subscriptions and other sources adequate for the purposes of GlobalMET;
  • achieving observer status at appropriate international and regional organisations;
  • developing a secretariat and efficient administrative and financial systems and procedures.

Agree also that by 2015 GlobalMET shall be recognised as a highly effective organisation providing a key mechanism in facilitating the development of maritime education and training in accordance with the requirements of the international shipping industry, international maritime conventions and other agreements, as well as with recognised and appropriate academic standards and practices.

* GlobalMET was originally founded as the “Association of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia Pacific” (AMETIAP) in 1996. It was incorporated in Australia as AMETIAP (Global) Limited. As instituitions in Europe and the Americas began to become our members, we changed our registered name to “GlobalMET Limited” in February 2007. We adopted the working name “GlobalMET” in 2007.

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