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About GlobalMET Activities

Our Work at IMO

GlobalMET has been active at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ever since we became an “NGO with consultative status” at the IMO in 2008. Since then, GlobalMET has participated in every HTW1 meeting (the IMO subcommittee on Human element, Training and Watchkeeping, formerly known as STW up to 2013).

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Our activities

Other than our work at the IMO, GlobalMET is active in organizing and supporting webinars, meetings and conferences on subjects related to the maritime sector and maritime education and training (MET). We promote the interests of our members and put forward their viewpoint at various venues.

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GlobalMET News

5th November 2021 - HKMW ICS HK Panel Discussion supported by GlobalMET

GlobalMET is proud to support the below event. The panel discussion is being jointly organized by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Hong Kong and Hong Kong Maritime Week.

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GlobalMET regularly participates at IMO conferences, and assists IMO HTW committees in writing model courses. We participated recently in the 4th session of the IMO Sub-committee on Human element, training and watchkeeping held in 2017.(link to attached HTW 4-16.pdf)

GlobalMET members making a presentation at the IMO, London (January 2017)

Additionally, we conduct workshops on teachers training and professional development, and conduct conferences on maritime education and training around the world. Please contact us (link to contact page) if you would like to attend these conferences.

Recent GlobalMET conferences:

3-4 November 2017 Mumbai, India Two day conference on Maritime Education and Training
20-21 November 2015 Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, India Two day conference on Maritime Education and Training

GlobalMET also conducts activities based on requests from its members, the maritime industry or any governmental or international agency, that fall within the scope of GlobalMET's vision, mission and objectives (link to same). These activities are designed to benefit members and the maritime community at large. Member institutions may contribute by allowing faculty members to participate in GlobalMET sponsored activities as consultants and trainers. All such activities inviting members to participate will be published in this website