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Maritime Safety, Education & Training Institutions and Industry Associations

Other Activities

GlobalMET has also been involved in carrying out research and organizing workshops in India, Philippines and other maritime nations.
These are done independently as well as in collaboration with various entities including the Nautical Institute and the TK foundation. We have also been deeply involved in making various proposals relevant to maritime training and education to the IMO and assisting IMO in writing model courses (See “Our work at IMO” for details).

  • GlobalMET is involved in carrying out research, especially with reference to maritime activities
  • We work in collaboration with industry bodies including the Nautical Institute, the TK foundation, InterManager, BIMCO and flag state administrations to find solutions to issues facing the maritime world and to enhance the effectiveness of training.
  • We also collaborate with maritime educational institutions and industry associations including the ICS to improve maritime safety and training.

If you wish to collaborate with us on conducting research, a workshop or a seminar, do get in touch with us through the contact page.

Collaboration with the TK foundation – helping improve training in the Philippines – GlobalMET TK foundation Project in the Philippines

From 2013 to 2015, the TK foundation, GlobalMET and its members organized and conducted workshops to help trainers from various maritime institutions in the Philippines in upgrading their knowledge and skills, understanding the OBE requirements that have been incorporated in STCW and alligning their practices to the latest requirements of CHED and MARINA. This consisted of a series of workshops conducted at the campuses of one of our members – MAAP, located in the scenic location of Bataan.

(extract from the TK foundation summary of grants):

The mission of GlobalMETt is to promote, develop and support in the spirit of cooperation thecommon interests of its members in matters concerning the development and quality of MaritimeEducation and Training. There is a gap of what trainers are training at maritime schools
(especially in the Philippines) and what is needed by the industry hiring those schools' graduates.TK Foundation funding would help support a pilot program course in the Philippines that offersreliable training components, assesses skills, enables nationally recognized qualifications andencourages flexible training that would suit both student graduates and industry requirements.

Do get in touch with us through the “Contact” page if you would like to use our services to help you in your goal of teaching excellence. GlobalMET also conducts workshops for non-members.

A GlobalMET event in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Engineers
A GlobalMET workshop being conducted in the Philippines”.
Visit by GlobalMET to Ji Mei university, China. Capt. Sriram Rajagopal (Research head, GlobalMET) with Prof. Shao Zhe Ping and Dr., Yang Shenhua (Vice Director, Ji Mei University).