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Past Activities


In striving to promote, develop and support in the spirit of cooperation the common interests of its members in all matters concerning the development and quality of Maritime Education and Training, GlobalMET has initiated many activities. To see a list of some major activities please go to Roles and Activities on the About Us page.

Activity Name Identifying, analyzing and bridging the gap between the STCW Code (1978) as amended and the current course delivery for the marine qualifications”:
12 Aug 2019
Description Identifying, analyzing and bridging the gap between the STCW Code (1978) as amended and the current course delivery for the marine qualifications”:
Activity Name GlobalMET´s 11th annual Conference
10 Feb 2007
Description In cooperation with the Malaysian Maritime Academy, GLOBAL MET Association is pleased to announce that the 11th annual Conference of the Association will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 31 to 2 November 2007.
Activity Name GlobalMET Project-International Seminar on Advanced MET
23 May 2007
Description Hosted by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology , supported by National Institute for Sea Training Date : 10 September, 2007 Venue : Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Objective of the seminar : With the rapid progress of IT (Information Technology), the methods of MET (Maritime Education and Training) have been largely changed. The new education and training methods such as the BRM (Bridge Resource Management) training with high quality ship maneuvering simulator, the maritime e-learning network via internet, the remote maritime education using broad-band satellite communication, etc. have been developed. In this seminar, the new methods of MET being developed at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, National Institute for Sea Training, and foreign MET institutions are introduced, and in addition, the discussion to promote new cooperation between MET institutions and shipping companies is planned. For Further details Contact: Professor H. Hagiwara, Secretariat of International Seminar on Advanced MET Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology 2-1-6 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8533, Japan e-mail: fax: 81-3-5245-7382 or Contact GlobalMET Secretariat
Activity Name GlobalMET Mumbai Conference Monday 17th Nov. 2008
12 Nov 2008
Description GlobalMET Mumbai Conference Monday 17th Nov. 2008 Venue: Maritime Training Institute (MTI) Auditorium. Powai, Mumbai. Date: Monday, 17th November 2008. Registration Fee: GlobalMet Members..................................Rs. 500/- Per Participant GlobalMet Non Members......................... Rs. 600/- Per Participant TOPICS MARPOL Violations and their implications, TMSA Implementation, Legal Issues faced by ships trading to USA, STCW revisions and their implications on training institutions, How to make ISM code work, How can Training Centres help in implementation of the ISM Code, Small mistakes lead to big problems - TBA. Enquiries: Please send your enquiries and registration to Mrs. Sangeetha Shinde Ms. Priya Sethumadhavan Tel No: +91 22 2683 7007 E-mail: Capt. M. C. Yadav – FOSMA Tel No: +91 22 2282 1449 / E-mail: Capt. Nalin Pandey – Pentagon Maritime Training and Research Institute Tel No: +91 22 277 11 012/ E-mail: Mr. Dipak Raut - OERC Tel No: +91 22 2402 2861 / E-mail: or to the GlobalMET Secretariat on E-mail: The programme details may also be obtained from these contacts.
Activity Name Chennai Seminar:E-Learning in the Maritime Sector
10 Nov 2006
Description GlobalMET / Vels Academy of Maritime Studies Seminar: "E-Learning in the Maritime Sector - The Global Scenario". A higly participative seminar, organised and hosted by Captain Vivekanand, Director, and his staff at Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, was held in Chennai on 30 September 2006. The initial presentation by Rod Short, Executive Secretary, GlobalMET, summarised the current situation in MET, the development of GlobalMET network and the potential of the network to assist development for maritime education and training globally. The next address by Capt. Sarath Kumar of Teledata Informatics ranged over the potential for e-learning in the global shipping industry, described the systems and technology involved and gave examples of course materials already prepared by Teledata. . The following two addresses, by Mr. Shivkumar of axis-v and Capt. Rajagopal of New Horizons Solutions & Technologies, built on the previous presentations, described the background to e-learning, the growing technological dominance, the great potential for extensive use of information and communications technology in MET, the major investment required to achieve long-term advantages and the key role e-learning will play in improving maritime safety. The afternoon was devoted to live e-learning exercises demonstrating the enormous potential for this rapidly growing educational facility. Seminar participants were fully involved and interest and discussion continued at a high level until the closing of the seminar. The following Statement of Outcomes was agreed by the participants: We, the participants in the GlobalMET / Vels Academy of Maritime Studies Seminar: "E-Learning in the Maritime Sector - The Global Scenario", held in Chennai on 30 Sep 2006: Express strong support for: the establishment and development of a major maritime education and training (MET) hub in the Chennai area, including the proposal to establish a maritime university; the networking of MET institutions and individuals to assist the development of MET and to enable a professional ´voice´ for the MET providers; the development and delivery of e-learning for seafarers and others in the global maritime industries. Call upon the industry, regulators and other interested parties to support and participate in these initiatives and thereby contribute to raising the quality of MET and the supply of employees competent to meet the needs of the global shipping industry; Express gratitude for the initiative taken by Vels Academy of Maritime Studies and GlobalMET in organising and hosting this highly relevant seminar.
Activity Name GlobalMET India Chapter Conference- NOV 2008
02 Dec 2008
Description Shipping Corporation of India Maritime Training Institute Mumbai, 17 November 2008. Building Competence for Modern Day Ships. This well attended, highly participative one-day conference filled the theatre of the Maritime Training Institute and was characterized, as so often in India, by many questions and comments from the audience. After the welcome by Capt Kersi Deboo of the Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre on behalf of the India Chapter of GlobalMET, the invocation and lighting of the lamp, the opening by Rod Short, ExecSec of GlobalMET, the Keynote Address was given by Mr S Hajara, Managing Director of the Shipping Corporation of India. Session 1, chaired by Mr Ajoy Chatterjee, Chief Surveyor to the Government of India, featured three overseas speakers: - Robert North, Rear Admiral (Rtd), President, North Star Maritime Inc, who addressed ‘MARPOL violations and their implications’ - George Chalos, Chalos & Co, Attorney at Law, New York, who addressed ‘Legal issues faced by ships visiting the USA’ - Oivind Braten, Head, Maritime Management Systems, DNV, Oslo who addressed ‘Human factors’. Session 2, chaired by Capt Naphade, former Nautical Adviser to the Government of India, featured another two overseas speakers: - Capt Micheal Blair, USCG, Chief, Operating and Environmental Standards, who addressed ‘STCW revisions and their implications for training institutions’ - Capt Pradeep Chawla, Director, Quality Assurance & Training, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, Hong Kong, who addressed ‘How can training centres help in implementation of the ISM Code’. Session 3, chaired by Capt H Subramaniam, former Principal, LBS … featured one overseas and one local speaker: - Capt Dr Phil Anderson, Managing Director, ConsultISM Ltd, United Kingdom, who addressed, ‘How to make the ISM Code work’ - Capt Ratnakar Desai, Certified SIRE Inspector, who addressed ‘SIRE revisions’ In summing up, on behalf of GlobalMET, Rod Short expressed heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, particularly principal sponsors MASSA and Pentagon Marine Services, as well as to the Maritime Training Institute for the excellent hosting of the conference and to the members of the India Chapter of GlobalMET for their strong support.
Activity Name Annual General Meeting 04/06 - Singapore
08 Dec 2006
Description The 2006 AGM of AMETIAP (Global) Limited, held at the Singapore Polytechnic on 13 October, was attended by 5 Directors, 24 representatives of finanical Member Institutions, 1 Associate Member and 1 Honorary Member. The Board’s decision that the network be known as ‘Global Maritime Education and Training Association’, with the working name ‘GlobalMET’, and that steps be taken to change the name under which the network is incorporated in Australia from AMETIAP (Global) Limited to GlobalMET Limited, were endorsed by the meeting. Membership certificates were presented to new members: • British Columbia Institute of Technology Marine Campus - Capt J Clarkson • Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre - Mr G Petrov • MAS Maritime Academy - Capt M Imtiaz • Mr R Stall - Associate Member. Following discussion of the new GlobalMET website - - an expresson of appreciation to member institution Teledata was recorded for gratis development of the new site, which is designed to serve as a major communication node for the development of MET. The meeting endorsed the Registration of MET Practitioners scheme. In discussion on the audited financial reports, the need to increase revenue through increasing membership, producing publications and seeking grants for projects was stressed. Under General Business, the establishment of criteria for selection of members based on quality and national recognition and the creation of regional bodies for organising regional activities were recommended from the floor. The meeting accepted with thanks the invitation from the Malaysian Maritime Academy to host the GlobalMET 2007 Conference, Board of Directors and Annual General meetings during the latter part of 2007.
Activity Name Singapore GlobalMET Conference & Workshop/Singapore Maritime Academy & SuperStar Virgo
08 Dec 2006
Description The 10th Annual GlobalMET Conference Education for a More Efficient, Safer and Cleaner Shipping Industry: Meeting Modern Needs was held in conjunction with the MARTECH 2006 7th Biennial International Conference & Exhibition Gaining Insights - New Technologies, Strategies and Opportunities in the Maritime Industry hosted by the Singapore Maritime Academy on 12-13 October. A post-conference workshop was held on board SuperStar Virgo while on a Singapore/Penang/Phuket/Singapore cruise. Speakers from GlobalMET member institutions participated in the GlobalMET and Martech conferences. Presentations and discussions covered a wide variety of MET topics and included: - relevant aspects of aviation training - science or non-science motivation to learn - will future MET be driven by technology - TMSA for tankers: MEMSA for MET - developing a global MET network - future influences of ICT and e-learning - measuring the effectiveness of MET - training Maritime English teachers and assessing teaching outcomes - employability skills and a skills portfolio approach - simulation training for piloting QM2 through a confined passage - evolution of MET in The Netherlands - web-based learning management systems for instructors and students. During the half-day workshop aboard SuperStar Virgo participants spoke about their own institutions and principal needs, as well as about enabling greater usage of information and communications technology and how networking through GlobalMET can assist the development of MET. The uniqueness of holding a workshop involving participants from 12 countries on the MET needs of the modern shipping industry aboard a large modern ship, underway in restricted visibility in the crowded Malacca Strait, was notable. Also notable, was the presence on board of students and staff from the Singapore Maritime Academy and the valuable opportunities for interaction, particularly with the students.
Activity Name GlobalMET Board of Directors’ Meeting 08/06-Singapore
08 Dec 2006
Description The GlobalMET Board met at the Singapore Maritime Academy on 11 October. Among the items discussed during the four hour meeting were: - ongoing collaboration, including with DNV SeaSkill - initiation of the Certified MET Practitioner scheme - participation in the review of STCW - shipping industry review of MET - more projects - membership and more intensive marketing - securing financial support for another Maritime English project in the Philippines - e-learning initiatives and delivery standards - introduction and operation of new website - conferences/seminars in China, India, Malaysia and the Philippines - constitutional and financial matters The meeting concluded with an expression of appreciation to the Singapore Maritime Academy for hosting the meeting and also the 2006 annual conference.
Activity Name Past Activities
30 Oct 2006
Description As a result of the identification of needs, IMO agreed to fund joint Workshops for maritime trainers in the Asia Pacific region. The first 10-day workshop for participants from GlobalMET member institutions was conducted at Singapore Maritime Academy in January 1999, the second at Shanghai Maritime University in September 1999 and the third at the Magsaysay Institute of Shipping in June 2000. All were very successful.

Significant progress has been made with the training of teachers of Maritime English. Since 1994, graded programs in teaching Maritime English have been provided for GlobalMET Member Institutions in Vladivostok, Hong Kong, Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao and Manila; the training has been developed from an introductory Stage I, through to the more advanced Stage III level,all of which have now been delivered in Tokyo, Vladivostok and Manila; specific evaluation conducted at the conclusion of each training program has proved very positive, a common factor being requests for further training.

Designed and developed by an GlobalMET Member, these training programs have been conducted in Tokyo in association with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and the National Institute of Sea Training, with the Maritime State University in Vladivostok, with Dalian and Shanghai Maritime Universities, with the Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College and in association with the Magsaysay Training Centre in Manila. Funding support was provided by the Nippon Foundation, the Maritime State University, COSCO and the International Maritime Training Trust.

The GlobalMET Member responsible for the above training progams also represented GlobalMET and had significant input into the International Maritime English Conference in St Petersburg in October 2003, Manila in October 2004, Marseilles in October 2005.

Each year since 2000, seminars on collaboration in developing maritime education and training in India were held in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. A number of significant items were identified with potential mutual benefit in developing further collaboration.

In June 2001, GlobalMET collaborated with the Hong Kong Ship Owners Association in a workshop on Maritime Education and Training in China, held in Shekou, Shenzhen PRC.

In April 2004 an agreement was signed between DNV SeaSkill and GlobalMET whereby they would collaborate on the development and implementation of a Standard for the Certification of Delivery of Courses in Maritime Education and Training Institutions - the standard has been formulated and implementation has commenced.

In October 2004, GlobalMET conducted a one-day seminar in Shanghai on MET: What is Wrong? What to Do? Conclusions were reported to the 2nd LSM Manning & Training in China Conference.

Potentially very beneficial links exist between GlobalMET and the Asian Shipowners' Forum. GlobalMET participates in the annual meetings of the Seafarer's Committee of the ASF.

In addition to the ongoing liaison with IMO, discussions about possible future joint activities have been initiated with the ISF, the ILO, UNESCAP, UNCTAD and the ITF.
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