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About Us - GlobalMET Maritime Training

About Us

GlobalMET is an association registered in Hong Kong, with consultative status at the IMO, carrying out activities and research in the field of maritime training and education.

The establishment of GlobalMET arose from the participants' desire to support the aims and objectives of IMO for 'safer ships and cleaner oceans' and recognition of:

  • the vital importance of maritime education and training in fulfilling the needs of expanding trade and economic growth;
  • the urgent need for collective efforts in maritime education and training to promote greater safety at sea and protection of the marine environment.

GlobalMET's objectives are to:

  • provide a forum for the exchange of views among members;
  • foster, develop and maintain close cooperation between and among members on matters relating to maritime education and training, including maritime research and development and other matters of mutual and/or collective interest;
  • extend assistance consistent with its policies and capabilities to any member upon the latter's request;
  • formulate a common stand on issues of interest related to maritime education, training, research and development;
  • improve, or assist in improving, the services provided by members through the efficient and economic utilisation of resources;
  • represent the general membership in its collective dealings with regional and international organisations;
  • acquire, collate, process and disseminate relevant data and material of common interest to all members.
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From our history files : Capt. Rod Short and Capt. Deboo discussing training standards at one of our earliest conferences
GlobalMET AGM, Hong Kong - 2010: Representatives of GlobalMETat the Annual General body Meeting in Hong Kong, including Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Rod Short and Sriram Rajagopal. GlobalMET has over 100 members from maritime institutions across the world.
Our board of directors and representatives at the Annual General Meeting in 2016 (Hong Kong)


The seeds of our origin: 1989-1996

The seeds for the formation of GlobalMET were sown in 1989 when the heads of maritime institutions and trainers gathered informally to discuss common issues related to maritime training and possible solutions. Our meetings at that time were focused on the Asia – Pacific region, but this gradually expanded to Europe as more institutional heads joined in. From 1990 to 1995, we held four such international meetings at Dalian Maritime University in China, Fiji Institute of Technology in Suva, Far Eastern State Maritime Academy in Vladivostok and at the New Zealand Maritime School in Auckland.

The Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization expressed strong support for us through communiques and senior IMO officials attended many of these meetings. At the Auckland meeting in December 1995, it was unanimously resolved to establish an Asia Pacific regional association.

1996-2002 (AMETIAP):

In September 1996, representatives of 18 maritime education and training institutions of Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia and Singapore met in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in September 1996 and inaugurated the Association of Maritime Education and Training in Asia Pacific (AMETIAP). This effectively planted the seed of the organization that would subsequently bloom into GlobalMET as it is today.

By this stage, in addition to the IMO, support for the initiative also came from the Hong Kong Shipowners Association (HKSA) and the Hong Kong maritime unions.
In December 2002, we further formalized ourselves and GlobalMET was incorporated in Australia as AMETIAP (Global) Ltd.

AGM of GlobalMET in Hong Kong
GlobalMET obtained NGO status at the IMO in 2008

2006 onwards (GlobalMET):

Subsequently, our membership grew, with many institutions from Europe and the Americas joining us. The name "Global Maritime Education and Training Association", with the working name "GlobalMET" were adopted in 2006 to reflect the growing global role with more members based outside the Asia Pacific region. A new logo was adopted to reflect our maritime links and global outreach.
In February 2007, our registered name in Australia was changed to 'GlobalMET Limited' to reflect this transformation.

2008: NGO Consultancy status at IMO

2008 marked a milestone for us at GlobalMET. In June 2008, at its 100th Session, the IMO Council approved our application for NGO Consultancy Status. This was endorsed by the IMO Assembly at its meeting in November 2009.

Ever since, representatives from GlobalMET have been active at the IMO, taking part in discussions related to maritime education and training, STCW, safety and pollution prevention and a number of similar allied subjects. We participate regularly at IMO meetings including HTW and have been part of the writing of a number of model courses and sub committees.

2009 to Now: Increased activity and participation at IMO

From 2009, GlobalMET became even more active at the IMO, contributing to and participating in various subcommittees and working groups, especially related to seafarers training. This continues to date and we have participated in all the IMO meetings thence. You can read more on this at the “Our work at IMO” page.

In 2018, GlobalMET was the review group coordinator for passenger safety courses as well as Drafting Group 1 for HTW 5.

We also work in close collaboration with industry bodies including the Nautical Institute, Intertanko and Rightship.

2010 to Now - Conferences

GlobalMET began to conduct conferences and workshops on topics of interest related to the maritime sector, including ECDIS, training techniques and women in shipping. It invites eminent members of the profession including UKHO, USCG and WISTA to participate in them and share their knowledge with members.

In 2020 and 2021, these in-person conferences have been replaced with frequent webinars.

2018 to 2020

GlobalMET participated in a large multi-stakeholder project with a number of maritime organizations including the Nautical Institute and supported by Intercargo in compiling an industry guideline called “A guide to bulk carrier operations”. Five chapters of this new bulk carrier operations book were written by GlobalMET members represented by Capt. Deepak Gupta and Capt. Sriram Rajagopal.

2019, 2020

GlobalMET represented its members at MSC 101, ISWG MASS1 and HTW 7 to put forth its members’ point of view and to participate in various IMO model course developments and reviews. Meeting summaries can be seen here. Details can be found in the “Our work at IMO” page.


GlobalMET attended IMO HTW 7. Details can be found in the “Our work at IMO” page.

We supported numerous webinars in related to subjects of interest to our members and the maritime industry.

Do see this website for further information on our latest upcoming conferences.