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Cadet Record Book (SSTP)

GlobalMET has tapped into a wealth of experienced maritime educators as well as sailing seafarers to make its own Structured Shipboard Training Program (SSTP) which can be used by officer and engineer cadets for undergoing training.

This consists of various videos, text, material as well as Cadet Record Books (CRB).

  • In 2011, GlobalMET made a presentation at the IMO on the GlobalMET Cadet Record Book (CRB). The GlobalMET CRB which forms a part of the GlobalMET Structured Shipboard Training program (SSTP) enables new Deck cadets and Trainee engineers to undergo a structured training program on board ships.
  • The GlobalMET SSTP is approved by a number of flag states and is currently used by many shipping companies as well as maritime training academies.
  • It can be used in its original book version as well as a digitized version.
  • The digitized version of the CRB is being used by the Maritime Academy of Asia Pacific (MAAP), one of the premier training academies of the Philippines.

If you would like to use the GlobalMET SSTP, please contact us using the form on this website or email us at  |


The resources available at GlobalMET include more than 1,000 maritime trainers including ex Captains, Deck officers, Marine Engineers, Institutional heads and more. Our members work in more than 25 countries across the world, including all the large manpower providing nations of today’s maritime sector. They have collective experience of operating and teaching personnel manning nearly every type of ship and machinery.

We offer consultancies in the following –

  • Evaluation of maritime CBTs (computer based training)
  • Evaluation of Simulators for navigation, engine room, cargo loading and discharging, LPG/LNG/Ballasting and offshore vessels
  • Evaluation of new technology including Virtual Reality (VR) for maritime training
  • Evaluation of maritime apps
  • Evaluation of online Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Evaluation of Competency Management Systems (CMS)
  • Evaluation of teachers and trainers
  • Training center visits (physical and remote) for the evaluation of course material and course delivery
  • Evaluation of online courses

Additionally, as an add-on additional service, we can also provide advice on how each of the above can be improved upon to help your institution reach its desired goals.

  • GlobalMET also provides customized training for trainers.
  • We can help maritime companies in identifying vendors for their specific training needs

Please contact our secretariat ( with a cc to Capt. Pradeep Chawla ( and Capt. Sriram Rajagopal ( for details.

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